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Internet Download Manager (IDM) Tips and Tricks

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Tips and Tricks

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Tips and Tricks

Everyone want high Speed downloading  in Personal PC and Laptop but you don’t how you get high-speed in your system. We download lots of files when we surf the internet like movies, songs, pictures and other media. So you need the good download manager for managing your all type of  downloads. IDM(Internet Download Manager) manage your all type of downloads like movies, song, and programs. IDM increase your download speed when you download any files from internet. If you use a download manager for  downloading computer files that’s very good. IDM support almost all type of browser means when you download files from browser IDM automatically capture your download link and start downloading in IDM program.

Here we give you some tips and tricks for IDM, with these tricks you are the master in IDM program. Basically, IDM is one of the best and simple download managers for windows users.Below you see how I get good download speed in IDM program.

IDM Speed

Tips and Tricks for Internet Download Manager

1. Add Download Link manually

When you download the file from the browser and you think your browser download files speed is very low, you can manually add that files in IDM  from the download link. With these features, you can manually add any files in IDM. Steps for Add Download link Manually in IDM

⇒Open IDM program and click on Add Url icon,  paste your download link and you’re downloading started in the program.

internet download manager (2)

2. Increase Server Connections for High Speed

When you download the file from IDM, IDM default uses max 8 connections from any server. If you increase the number of connections from the server , you got high-speed in IDM program.

⇒ Open IDM program, Click on Downloads (menu) button and choose options button.

⇒ You see new windows, click on connections tab and increase the number if the connection from 8 to 24.

Increase Download Speed in IDM

3. Adding Queues for Automatic and scheduled Downloading

This is one of the most hidden features in IDM. Many users don’t know about this feature, with this features you can automate your IDM. Suppose if you add three videos in IDM  for downloading, If you start downloading your all files at the same time you get slow speed in IDM. One of the best ways is downloading your all videos one by one. In this situation, you need to start all videos manually when other videos completed.    The queue is one of the best solutions for this problem. Add your all list in Queue, Queue start downloading your files one by one. How you Use Queue option in IDM:

⇒ Right Click on Queue Folder and Choose new queue, name your queue.

IDM queue

⇒ You see new windows select Files in Queue Tab and click Start now button.

internet download manager (10)
⇒Now your new queue is created right-click on any half download files and choose your Queue.                       

⇒You can select your all files and add in the queue , IDM automatically downloads your all files one by one.

internet download manager

4. Download All Videos, Songs or Whole Website from IDM

This is one of the most advanced features in IDM. With that features, you can download whole website data from IDM. This feature name is IDM Grabber, IDM Grabber collects  and download all type of files from any website.                       Use Grabber in IDM

⇒Open IDM and Click On IDM Grabber icon.

Internet Download Manager

⇒Name your project and website you wanna download. In project template selects your choice.

Internet Download Manager

⇒Follow with below picture and know how you use this feature for your needs.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

5. Add a new link if your file not Resume.

Many people very confused when they resume download in IDM, but IDM unable to find the new download link from a server. In this situation, you need to add manually new link to that file.
How you add a new resumable link to any file.
⇒ Right Click on any file in IDM and select properties.
⇒Change previous link with your new link and your file is resume with the new link.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

Now you see above tricks for IDM, with these tricks I think you learn something new from this post. If you got any problem comment here.

6.Change your Default settings

Changing your default settings will increase your download speed and will help you download your media files quite faster. To do so, you’ll have to:

  • Open Internet Download Manager
  • Click on the Downloads tab and select Options
  • Now, navigate to the Configuration window and select Connection
  • Once the Connection tab opens, change Connection Type/Speed to LAN 10Mbs and the BPS field to 10000000

Apart from this, change the maximum connections to 16, instead of 8 by-defaults.

7.Change Registry settings

If you are not satisfied with your IDM’s download speed and want to boost it a little more, you can choose to tweak the registry connection settings.

To change registry settings in Windows:

  • Click the start button > Run/ Search field
  • Type regedit and hit enter
  • Scroll through the registry listings to find the following entry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Internet Download Manager

Now follow the following steps:

  • In the right hand Window, locate Connection Speed and double-click
  • Change the settings base to Decimal and the value to 100
  • Click OK and close the registry editor

Once finished, restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

Our list of best IDM tips and tricks ends here. So if you’re satisfied with your current IDM experience, just follow above mentioned tips and tricks. You’ll yourself feel the difference.